Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Woman and the Dragon


This is my 'Biblical epic' I wrote a number of years ago but have just recently revised. An early version of this script ranked within the top-twenty percentile at the International Screenwriting Expo in Los Angeles, out of thousands of scripts from all over the world.

"The Woman and the Dragon" is an interpretation of Chapter 12 in the mysterious "Book of Revelation". It is essentially about Satan tricking Mary into thinking her son is not the Christ, but the Anti-Christ - that it was the devil who impregnated her with Jesus, not God.

Here is the first 30 pages of the script. I post them here in hope of getting some interest from people and some feedback. My plan is for this project to be an animation movie, or perhaps an animated live-action movie (like 300, Sin City etc.). Please tell me what you think if you read any of it.

NOTE: The formatting may be a little off, because I had to cut and paste the script into the blog. Please disregard these errors.

by matt burns

WGA Registered # 1182993

ext. Heaven. Everlasting light

It is nothing but one thick, puffy cloud as far as the eye can see.

A choir of angels sings somewhere in the far distance and echoes amongst the clouds. It sounds like music playing over an intercom in a modern-day department store.

ANGELS are everywhere, eating good food, drinking good wine, dancing with each other, hugging, kissing and loving.

The ANGELS are absolutely beautiful. They wear snow-white robes and have gigantic wings that are more amazing than those of a great blue heron.

ext. heaven - Hole in the cloud. everlasting light

An ANGEL stands at the edge of the hole, peering through its center. This ANGEL has a special aura about him that really makes him stand out from the crowd. His eyes are as alive as a newborn child's. His skin is as fair as a prom queen's. And his wings are as soft as a dove's. He is beautiful. A bright and shining star. God's prize possession.


SATAN peers through the hole, looking down to the blue and green of the planet earth below him.

His eyes fill with worry. The mood creates a stark contrast to all the joyous merriment heard in the not-too-far distance.

He peers down to earth for a few more moments.

Then he turns away from the hole.

And heads in the direction of the partying.

ext. Heaven - the partying. Everlasting light

SATAN glides through the parties of ANGELS - half walking, half floating like a hovercraft. He masks his worries with a smile and happily greets every ANGEL with warm kisses and hugs.

He joins them for a dance or two.

He taste-tests the food they eat.

And sips the wine they drink.

The ANGELS are as jovial and merry as Santa Claus' elves would be. Full of energy. Full of optimism. Full of joy. Full of life.

After much merriment, SATAN gradually hovers his way through a vapory cloud in the shape of a door and enters a new section of cloud - a kind of VIP section.

ext. Heaven - the royal section. everlasting light

There are endless buffets of food and wine and spirits.

Bands of angels singing and playing harps.

The best DANCERS the universe has ever seen.






SATAN dances his way through all the merriment, fluttering his wings to the music, not unlike a person doing the chicken dance.

He eventually makes his way to the far end of the "room" where there are three thrones. The middle throne is the tallest, the right throne is the second tallest and the left throne is the smallest. On the center throne sits...


GOD looks much like Santa Claus...without the suit, of course. He has a long, gray beard. Robust pot belly. Rosy cheeks. Twinkling eyes. He's full of joy and merriment and love.

He holds a cup of wine in one hand and a cornucopia in the other. His head bobs to the lively music.

To the left of GOD sits the Archangel GABRIEL, who is just a little more beautiful than SATAN - skin a little fairer, robe a little whiter, and wings a little silkier. He toots on a terrific trumpet, adding harmonic accents to the party music.

SATAN hovers his way over to the throne and sees GABRIEL sitting at GOD'S left hand.

A hint of jealousy drips into his eyes...but quickly dissipates.

GOD spots SATAN and his face bursts with joy.


Ahhhh...Satan. How are you, my son?

SATAN genuflects.


(on his knee)

I'm well, Father.

The joy in GOD'S face diffuses a bit. He senses something is wrong.


What's troubling you?


Troubling me?


Come, now: something's troubling you.

The worry seeps back into SATAN'S eyes.


I'm worried...

GOD doesn't like the word 'worry'.

Satan (CONT'D)

...about man.


Ah...I see.


Something needs to be done.


Something will be done.


I want to volunteer my services. I know I can help.


Come now, Satan. These matters are for another time. Go and be merry!!!

SATAN is reluctant at first, but he soon does as he's told.


Yes, Father.

SATAN rises from his knee, forces a smile onto his face and joins his fellow angels in their merriment.

ext. Heaven. everlASTING LIGHT

A thin layer of early-morning fog hovers a few feet above the puffy cloud.

Hundreds of ANGELS are sprawled out all over the cloud, passed out from the previous night's festivities. They snore and lick the dew off their lips.

The ANGELS all sleep deeply and peacefully, much like babies. Their robust pot-bellies move up and down to the rhythm of their breathing. Nothing but pleasant dreams running through their minds.

SATAN is also asleep, but he is more restless than the others. He moans and twitches and sweats. And then he tosses and turns.

Suddenly, there is the sound of a loud trumpet BLAAAAAAAAASTING ever so loud. It's a terrific-sounding horn - like a bugle in an army boot camp, but ten times louder.

The blast knocks all the ANGELS out of their deep slumber.

SATAN awakens from his nightmare.




His eyes open.

His vision is blurry. All he sees are a bunch of lazy ANGELS lying all around him. Soon, his vision clears.

He is relieved to find himself out of his nightmare and safe in heaven, surrounded by all his beloved friends.

A VOICE shouts from above.


Town meeting! Town meeting!

SATAN looks high into heaven and sees the angel GABRIEL flying through the clouds, tooting on his trumpet.

Gabriel (CONT'D)

Town meeting! Town meeting!

One by one the ANGELS roll onto their bottoms and stumble to their feet. They moan and hold their aching, hung-over heads. They look like a bunch of college students getting up early on a Sunday morning.

SATAN stumbles to his feet like the others. He licks the dew off his lips and flaps the wrinkles out of his wings.

ext. Heaven - town hall. Everlasting light

The ANGELS file through a big, vapory gateway and enter the 'hall', which is really just more cloud.

The ANGELS gather around an enormous throne that is about one-hundred feet tall. The throne is positioned between two other thrones, just like it was at the previous night's party. But these thrones are much, much taller than the ones at the party.

ext. Heaven - the throne. Everlasting light

GOD sits in the middle throne and watches the ANGELS file into the hall. The sight of the ANGELS brings warmth into his face and a twinkle to his eye.

He is pleased with his ANGELS.

ext. Heaven - town hall. Everlasting light

The ANGELS continue filing into the hall. They talk quietly amongst themselves, still shaking the early-morning grogginess out of their wings.

SATAN enters the hall with the others. He already looks beautiful and fresh - like he's been awake for hours.

He joins his friends MOLOCH, BEELZEBUB, BELIAL and MAMMON.


Satan, do you know what this is about?


I do not.

Soon, the hall is filled to the brim with glorious ANGELS, murmuring and buzzing like school children at an assembly.

GABRIEL flies high above the ANGELS and gives his trumpet a...


The buzzing of the ANGELS fades. Within moments, there is silence.

GABRIEL flies over to the thrones and sits at GOD'S left hand.

GOD gives the ANGELS a warm smile and begins speaking.


Let us all give thanks for a merry time last night. The food was delicious, the wine was refreshing, the music delightful and the dancing jolly.

The ANGELS smile amongst themselves and nod their heads in agreement.

God (cont'D)

But, alas, the party is over, and it's time we discuss more serious matters.

The ANGELS try to hide their joy and take on a more serious tone.


As you all probably know, the light on earth is dimming. Man has fallen off course. He is in trouble.

GOD'S words make the ANGELS uncomfortable.


Something must be done soon, or man will cross the point of no return. The point where there is no more hope. The point where earth will forever be suffocated by a cloud of darkness.

SATAN listens.


But never fear. Someone will bring light back into the world. This someone will be glorious. And we will all worship him.

SATAN'S eyes sparkle. Could it be he that God speaks of?


A child is to be born to a virgin named Mary. This child will grow into a man and this man will save the world. His name will be Jesus.

The light in SATAN'S eyes dims.


Jesus will be my Son. And when he fulfills his duty on earth, he will ascend into heaven and sit at my right hand. He will help me rule the heaven and the earth.

SATAN'S heart rips in half. His eyes burn with tears.

SATAN'S friend BEELZEBUB raises his hand high into the air.

GOD sees it.


Beelzebub, speak your mind.


(shouting so everyone can hear)

Are you saying that a man is to be this new king you've spoken so much about?



There is a sudden outburst of gossip amongst the angels. They snicker and sneer at such a preposterous thought.

GABRIEL flies into the sky and BLASTS!!! his horn.

The ANGELS stop their gossip.

God (CONT'D)

But Jesus is no ordinary man. He will be the strongest man who ever lived. His strength will humble you. His strength will humble me.

SATAN'S eyes become as black as ink. Rage overcomes him.

He storms out of the hall, nearly knocking down a few of his fellow ANGELS in his path.

SATAN'S FRIENDS are shocked to see him go. MOLOCH - in particular - can't believe what he has just seen.


The twinkle in GOD'S eye flickers out like a candle in a draft.

He senses trouble is in the air.

ext. Heaven - living quarters. Everlasting light

SATAN sits on the edge of a puffy cloud moulded into the shape of a soft bed. His head hangs down to the clouds. He is heartbroken.

There is commotion in the distance - the ANGELS are returning from the meeting.

MOLOCH is among the ANGELS. He spots his friend SATAN pouting on the bed and comes to see what's wrong.


Satan, what is troubling you?

SATAN doesn't look up. His elbows rest on his knees and his face pouts in his hands.




You walked out of the meeting.

SATAN says nothing in response.

MOLOCH sits beside SATAN on the bed and rubs his friend's back like a boyfriend would his girlfriend. There is a homoerotic vibe to the way they relate to each other, but - then again - they are gender-less angels so there is nothing 'homosexual' about it. They are simply two ethereal beings who possess unconditional love for each other.

moloch (coNT'D)

Satan...what's wrong?

SATAN lifts his head out of the clouds and looks into MOLOCH'S eyes.

MOLOCH is unsettled by the dark, disturbing look in SATAN'S eyes.


Satan, your eyes! Oh, what's troubling you?


No man can save the world. It's impossible.

MOLOCH is astonished.


So that's what this is about. You're upset with God's news.

SATAN says nothing. He just looks back down to the clouds.


But God said he is to be a strong man. The strongest who ever lived.


No man can be that strong.


But God said-

SATAN jumps up from the bed and paces the cloud.


Millions of years, Moloch! We've spent millions of years helping God run that doomed creation of His. And what is it we get in return? A man for a king?


I know. It does seem strange. But God works in strange ways. You cannot be his judge.


But I will, Moloch. I will.


Satan, watch what you say! He might hear you.


Then let Him.

SATAN storms away.

MOLOCH stays on the bed, worried for his friend.

ext. heaven - living quarters. everlasting light

SATAN storms and storms and storms away...but he soon stops in his tracks.

His rage loses its intensity. He begins to feel abashed by his behavior.

He pivots in place, contemplating whether to return to his beloved friend MOLOCH. But something gets in his way:

More rage!

He storms off.

ext. Heaven - hole in the cloud. EvERLASTING LIGHT

SATAN stands at the edge of the hole like a diver about to jump into a swimming pool. He peers through the cloud and gazes at the earth's atmosphere below.

Ext. Heaven. everlasting light (flashback)

Pleasant memories flash through SATAN'S mind - of all the good times he's had with GOD.

GOD dances with him.

GOD holds him.

God hugs him.

GOD kisses him.

Ext. Heaven - hOLE IN THE CLOUD. EVERLASTING LIGHT (end of flashback)

A mixture of rage and embarrassment burns SATAN'S eyes.

He looks around to see if anyone is watching him:

There isn't one angel in sight.

He looks back down to the earth...

...and he dives through the hole.

The dragon stood in front of the woman who was about to give birth, so that he might devour her child the moment it was born.

- Revelation 12:4

Ext. The heavens. Night

SATAN soars through the twinkling stars and amazing constellations. His wingspan is breathtaking. More beautiful than a condor's.

Ext. The sky. NIGHT

SATAN flies lower and lower. The earth below him transforms from just a mixture of greens and blues to more discernible landscapes.

Ext. the earth. Day

SATAN lands on a dusty patch of land and flaps his wings to rest.

He looks over his surroundings:

Nothing but wide-open pastures for as far as the eye can see. Maybe there are some Doum Palms, sycamore trees and a cedar tree or two - but nothing much more.

He decides to proceed on foot.

Ext. wide open pastures. DAY

SATAN weaves his way through herds and herds and herds of sheep.

He eventually sees a lonely SHEPHERD stationed a couple hundred yards in the distance.

He heads in the direction of this SHEPHERD.

Ext. Pasture - at shepherd. DAY

SATAN moves closer to the SHEPHERD. He is now only about twenty yards or so away from this lonely man.

Before SATAN can get any closer, he sees an angel - GABRIEL! - soar down from the sky and grace the SHEPHERD with his presence.

SATAN jumps behind a nearby rock before GABRIEL can spot him.

GABRIEL lands on the ground - right behind the SHEPHERD - and flutters his glorious wings to a resting position.


Rejoice, Shepherd!

The SHEPHERD is startled by GABRIEL'S deep, booming voice. He turns around, sees the amazing angel and gasps.

Gabriel (CONT'D)

Be not afraid.

The SHEPHERD is astonished.


Who are you?!


I am an angel sent by the Lord. And I come to deliver good news.

The SHEPHERD tries to calm his heart.


Angel, I feel blessed by your presence. Tell me: What's this good news you speak of?


Rejoice, Shepherd, for Christ the Lord is to be born in Bethlehem. And he will save the world from its sin.

Ext. Pasture - behind rock. DAY

SATAN crouches behind the rock and eavesdrops on the conversation.

Ext. pasture - at shepherd. Day

The SHEPHERD is overjoyed with GABRIEL'S good news.


This news brings me joy, angel!


You will find the babe wrapped in swaddling cloths and lying in a manger. This will be a sign that I speak the truth.

The SHEPHERD is speechless.

gabriel (CONT'D)

Rejoice and be glad!

And with that, GABRIEL flutters his wings and flies back up to the heavens.

Joy surges through the SHEPHERD'S veins. He shouts into the sky...


Glory be to God in the highest!!!

Ext. Pasture - behind rock. Day

SATAN cringes from the sound of the SHEPHERD'S rejoicing.

Ext. Pasture - at shepherd. DAY


(to himself)

I must see this glorious thing that the Lord hath made known to me!

He drops his shepherding staff and runs for Bethlehem.

Ext. Pasture - behind the rock. Day

SATAN creeps out from behind the rock and follows the SHEPHERD.

int. betHlehem - manger. Night

The beautiful BABY JESUS lies in a bed of hay within the manger. He is covered in swaddling clothes - just as GABRIEL prophesied. His eyes are full of unprecedented energy, innocence and life.

MARY and JOSEPH sit on each side of the bed, admiring their newborn child.

It is the classic nativity scene realized.

Ext. Manger. night

The SHEPHERD runs up to the manger and sees what lies within.

He is overjoyed.


Glory be to God in the highest!

He runs into the manger to admire the newborn king.

SATAN - that jealous green-eyed monster - creeps up to the manger, but he is careful to keep a distance and not be noticed.

He catches a glimpse of the beautiful baby Jesus.

For a moment, SATAN himself seems to be in awe of the child's beauty. This is more than just a baby. There is an aura around him. Something unworldly.

But SATAN'S admiration is soon repressed with...


He takes his arms out from under his wings.

The nails on his fingers grow into sharp, lizard-like claws.

He creeps closer to the manger.

And closer.

And closer. His eyes become even darker, sicker-looking and possessed. His breathing becomes heavier and raspier. It's like he's mutating into a beast.

But before he gets any closer, something stops him in his tracks.

It's the sight of GABRIEL...flying into the manger!

GABRIEL positions himself behind BABY JESUS, hovering over him like a personal bodyguard.

SATAN retreats before he is seen.

Ext. olive tree. night

SATAN hides beneath the tree to regroup for a little while. He needs to get his thoughts together.

He searches his mind for another plan.

Soon, one pops into his head.

He flutters his wings out of their resting-position and flies high into the sky.

Ext. the sky. Night

SATAN soars through the pale, blue moonlight.

Miles of pale pasture pass below him.

Ext. Jerusalem - the temple. morning

It's a jungle...not literally, but figuratively.

There is hustle and bustle everywhere.











It's an overwhelming scene.

SATAN floats down from the sky and lands right in the middle of the market.

Nobody sees him. They're too busy with their trading and scheming to notice anything else, even if there is an angel right under their nose.

SATAN flaps his wings to rest and sees everything that is going on. All the love of money is deeply disturbing to him.

He makes a robe manifest itself from out of thin air and he covers himself with it so his wings are concealed. Then he proceeds through the market.

He sees two TRADERS haggling with one other, spitting numbers in each other's face like it's the only thing they care about in the world.

Then he notices a THIEF sneak up behind one of the traders. The thief reaches into the trader's pocket and steals some coins.

SATAN sees what's happening and it disgusts him.

The thief turns to flee with the coins.

But SATAN stands right in front of him, blocking his escape. Now, it's important to realize that SATAN is about three feet taller than the tallest human being, so the THIEF is incredibly intimidated by his presence.


Put it back.

The THIEF shivers in his knees. He is paralyzed with fear.

SATAN opens up his robe and points to his wings.

The THIEF can't believe what he's seeing. He nearly whimpers with fright.

Satan (CONT'D)


Put it back.

The THIEF nods and slips the coins back into the TRADER'S pocket.

The TRADER continues to haggle. He is completely unaware of what just happened.

ext. king Herod's palace - balcony. morning

The balcony has an amazing view of Jerusalem, particularly the busy temple, which is directly below.

KING HEROD stands on the balcony and overlooks the city. He is dressed in the most royal of clothing. Lovely jewelry. Splendid silks.

He hears the buzzing of the marketplace directly beneath him.

He tilts his head down and it seems as though he can see nothing but money and PEOPLE SHOUTING.

He lets out a despairing sigh.

But, suddenly, he hears a VOICE behind him:



HEROD is startled. He turns around and sees:

SATAN - without his robe. The wings and everything else are in clear view.

HEROD gasps.


Be not afraid.


Who are you?


I am an angel sent by the Lord.

HEROD takes a moment to admire SATAN'S beauty.

He genuflects.


Good Angel, I am blessed by your presence!

The genuflection makes SATAN feel uncomfortable...or, perhaps, guilty.


Please rise, Herod.

HEROD hobbles back onto his feet.


Yes, Angel. As you command.


Dearest Herod: with you the Lord is pleased. You have done well with your kingdom. And you shall be held very highly come your day of judgment.


Angel, this news brings great joy to my heart.


But, alas, there is more work to be done.

HEROD bows.


Whatever you say shall be done.

SATAN'S eyes become nothing but ink-black pupil.


A baby has been born in Jerusalem.

HEROD listens carefully.

Satan (CONT'D)

This baby will grow up into a man who claims to be the "Son of God".

Joy surges into HEROD'S face.


So the prophecy was true!!! This news makes me rejoice, angel!

HEROD jumps to the ledge of the balcony and shouts...

Herod (CONT'D)

All hail the newborn king!!!

The rejoicing agitates SATAN.

He grabs HEROD'S arm and pulls him away from the ledge.



This news does not call for you to rejoice!!!

HEROD is taken aback by the angel's agitation.


Gracious Angel, forgive me. For I thought this news called for me to be glad.

SATAN slips back into his calm persona and resumes his rhetoric.


This man will claim to be the Son of God. But he will be mistaken. For it is the devil whom hath given him life.

HEROD'S eyes pop out of his face.



The devil!!!


Yes, beloved Herod. Jesus is his name. And he is an enemy of all that is good. He will start a revolution - in the name of God. One that will challenge your rule. One that will destroy your kingdom.

SATAN'S words bring great worry to HEROD'S heart.

Satan (CONT'D)

His followers won't foresee the consequences of his actions until it is too late. I come here now to foretell you of the consequences.


Forgive me, angel, for my question, which is perhaps ill-contrived. But I thought the prophecy said-

SATAN cuts him off.


-the prophecy was but a product of a false prophet. It was the devil whom hath contrived such a fate, not God.

HEROD sits on a stool and becomes extremely concerned.


Angel, this news brings great worry to my heart.


So it does to mine. But fear not, humble Herod...

HEROD remains optimistic.

satan (CONT'D)

With you God is well-pleased and he graces you with the vocation of stopping this...false prophet.

SATAN'S eyes become slits.




I am at the Lord's service, good angel. Consider the vocation already fulfilled.


Peace be with you, good Herod.


And also with you, good angel.

SATAN extends his wings into the air.

HEROD is awe-struck by the beauty of them.

SATAN turns to the edge of the balcony, jumps and flies high into the sky.

HEROD gets up from his stool and watches SATAN disappear into the clouds. He is amazed by the grace of the angel's flight.

But, suddenly, there is another VOICE behind him:


Your highness...

HEROD is startled. He turns to see his servant standing behind him.


There are three Wisemen here to see you.




Yes, your highness. They are from the East.

HEROD tries to pull himself together.

The SERVANT senses something is wrong.

Servant (CONT'D)

Is something troubling you, your highness?


No, servant. All is well. What brings these Wisemen to Jerusalem?


I am not certain. Do you wish for me to inquire?


No, servant. I shall see them.

int. king herod's paLACE. MORNING

It is a large, echoey room with clay tile for a floor and extravagant tapestries for walls.

There are three WISEMEN in the room waiting to be graced with Herod's presence.

Soon, the SERVANT steps into the room and announces Herod.


Your Royal Highness...

HEROD enters the room, strutting with grace and authority.

The WISEMEN genuflect.


Greetings, King Herod.


Greetings, Wisemen. What is it I can do for you this fine morning?


We come to find the king of the Jews. We have seen his star in the East and have come to worship him.

Int. king herod's Palace - behind throne. same time

Meanwhile...SATAN sneaks his way into the room, tip-toes behind the king's throne and listens to the exchange.

Int. king herod's Palace. same time

HEROD'S eyes churn like one who is under a spell.


Yes, I know the king you speak of. But, alas, he is not here in Jerusalem. It's in the city of Bethlehem that he graces the earth.


Then it's to Bethlehem that we must proceed.


Yes, go and search diligently for this glorious child, and when you have found him, please bring me word, that I too may come and worship him.


We will do so with great pleasure, Herod. Farewell.


Farewell, blessed Wisemen.

The WISEMEN gather their things and prepare for the last stretch of their journey.

Int. king herod's Palace - behind throne. same time

SATAN is pleased with what he hears.

He sneaks out of the palace unseen.


SATAN hovers out of the palace and catches another glimpse of the busy temple.

Money is everywhere.

The scene, again, bubbles bile into the angel's throat.

He turns his eyes away from the temple, elevates from the ground and soars high into the sky.

Ext. The sky. morning

SATAN flies and soars and glides.

Ext. The heavens. NIGHT

SATAN weaves his way through the stars.

Ext. Heaven - hole in the cloud. EVERLASTING LIGHT

SATAN flies up through the hole and plants his earth-dirty feet into the clean puffiness of the heavenly cloud.

Tired from his journey, he lets out a deep sigh. Then he turns to walk back to his living quarters. But as he turns, he sees...


SATAN is so startled he gasps.



GOD looks different. His eyes have lost their twinkle. His cheeks have lost their glow. He is pale and drained. Gray in both the face and eyes.

SATAN stutters on his words.


Wha-what bringeth you here?


I know what you have done.

SATAN tries to play dumb.




You have conspired to kill Jesus...

SATAN pretends to be shocked.



GOD'S eyes well with tears.

SATAN sees the tears and tries to avoid eye contact.


I feared that someday one of you might betray me, but I never thought it would be you.

SATAN can't bear to look God in the eye. Instead, he looks down to the cloud below.

God (CONT'D)

I loved you like a son.


(under his breath)

Like a son. But not as a son.


You're upset to learn that you won't sit at my right hand?


No, I'm upset to learn that you find me unfit to save mankind.


Man must be saved by man.


What does man have that I have not?


The understanding of what it is like to be a man.

SATAN doesn't understand.

God (CONT'D)

I'm sorry to learn of your discontent, but I'm even sorrier to learn of your betrayal.

SATAN looks down to his feet, like a naughty child being scolded by an adult.


Jesus shall be brought to the desert where he'll be saved from Herod's misguided hands. But your actions won't go without consequences.

SATAN is abashed.


Forgive me, Father. I am sorry.

GOD rests his hands on SATAN'S shoulders.


I forgive you...but your betrayal shall bring darkness to places that were once filled with light. And with this darkness...will come great suffering.

And with those latter words, GOD disappears - into thin air.

SATAN is left alone to weep like an ashamed child.

Suddenly, he hears the dull roar of what-sounds-like thunder.

He wipes the tears from his cheeks and turns back towards the hole in the cloud.

He peers down to earth.

A grayish cloud wraps itself around the planet, suffocating the greens and blues.

SATAN is frightened by the sight of it.

Ext. Bethlehem. Day

Utter horror.

Women screaming, children crying, men moaning.

Herod's army of SOLDIERS wreak havoc in the village, raiding one home after another - murdering every child under the age of five.

SATAN floats down from the heavens and lands amidst this horrific scene.

He watches a sword-wielding SOLDIER barrel into a house where a baby is crying.

Then a WOMAN inside the house screams.

And then the baby stops crying.

SATAN is disturbed.

A SOLDIER walks right past him.

SATAN grabs the soldier and hurls him to the ground.

The SOLDIER lands face-first into the dust.

The SOLDIER is confused at first. He rolls onto his side, looks up and sees SATAN hovering over him.


Ugh! Who are you?!


I am an angel of God!


Dear Angel! What is it that you want from me?!


What is the meaning of this chaos? What is your army doing?


We have received orders from King Herod to kill every child in Bethlehem!




For the son of the devil was said to be born here!

SATAN'S heart crumbles. Doom overcomes him.

He flutters away and leaves the SOLDIER cowering in the dirt.

Ext. bethleHEm - village. Day

SATAN floats through the village.

Nearly every cottage has been ransacked. Destruction, pain, suffering - it's everywhere.

SATAN is so abashed that he can't bear to stay any longer.

He flies back into the sky.


SATAN flies up through the hole and lands on the cloud.

He notices that something is different about heaven.

The choir of singing ANGELS has ceased. It's much quieter now. Even a little eerie.

He looks above his head and notices gray clouds gathering, as though there's a storm brewing. Maybe there is...


MOLOCH sits on the edge of his bed, pouting in grief.

Suddenly, there is a howling gust of cold wind. He lifts his head up from the clouds and sees...


MOLOCH looks at SATAN. His face droops with worry.

SATAN puts a puzzled look on his face.


What is the matter, Moloch?


I've...I've heard things.


What about?


That you betrayed God.

SATAN moves towards the bed and sits beside his good friend.


What you is the truth.

MOLOCH'S eyes burn with tears.


So the murder and bloodshed and horror in's all because of you???

SATAN'S eyes fill with rage.


No, Moloch. It's because of God.

MOLOCH begins to cry.

SATAN rubs MOLOCH'S back to comfort him.

Satan (CONT'D)

It's all right, Moloch. It's all right.


SATAN kisses MOLOCH on the forehead and hugs him back.


Dearest Moloch, I've been having visions.

MOLOCH breaks out of the hug and peers deep into SATAN'S dark eyes.


What kind of visions?


Visions of change.


Change scares me, Satan.

SATAN rises from the bed and paces in front of it.


I love God like a father. But He hath made a mistake.

SATAN'S words frighten MOLOCH.

Satan (CONT'D)

One man cannot save the world. It's impossible.

MOLOCH tries to wipe away his tears.


We must stop Him. If we don't, man will be lost forever.


You may speak the truth, but I don't think we can be God's judge.

SATAN sits back down - beside MOLOCH - and wraps his arm around his friend's shoulder.


Dearest Moloch, the greatest sin of all is to see wrong, but to not make that wrong right.

MOLOCH nods.


This is true, Satan.

SATAN'S eyes become glazed with malice.


We must stop God, Moloch.

(under his breath)

This is war.

ext. heaven - living QUARTERS. EVERLASTING LIGHT

SATAN hovers ten feet into the air, shouting propaganda to a group of rebel angels.

Among the angels are Moloch, Beelzebub, BELIAL, MAMMON - and the group gradually grows in size.


Millions of years we served Him...and who does He make king? A man! A man who hath served the Lord for but a handful of years!!!

The REBEL ANGELS voice their discontent with cheers, jeers and hisses.

Satan (CONT'D)

This man will sit at the right hand of the Father? Where do we get to sit???

Rebel angels



This man will rule heaven!!! The heaven we hath worked so hard to create! What do we get to rule???




This man will be king! King!!

His rage swells.

Satan (CONT'D)


The echoes of his shouts reverberate throughout the heavens.

Satan (CONT'D)

What will we be?!



And there was war in heaven. Michael and his angels fought against the dragon, and the dragon and his angels fought back.

- Revelation 12:7

Ext. Heaven - battlefield. EVERLASTING LIGHT

There are low rumbles of thunder.

The giant cloud that is heaven is no longer snow-white, but gray.

There is a dark mass in the far, far distance. It rolls over the cloud like a swarm of locusts.

The dark mass is an army of REBEL ANGELS...

...SATAN'S army of rebel angels.

There is a WHITE MASS on the opposite side of the gray cloud. The white mass is an army of GOOD ANGELS...

...GOD'S army of good angels.

The dark and white masses move down their respective ends of the gray cloud and eventually meet at a common frontline.

SATAN heads his army.

The Archangel MICHAEL heads his army.

SATAN hovers into the air.

MICHAEL does the same.

SATAN slowly raises his arm into the air and makes a fist.

The REBEL ANGELS raise their swords and shields. They hiss and jeer and cheer!

MICHAEL raises his arm into the air.

The good angels raise their swords and shields, but remain quiet and stoic.

MICHAEL peers deep into SATAN'S soul.


I give yee one last warning, Satan. Call your army off! For you and your followers are no match for God's army.


Unwise Michael, you words scare me not. I shall not call off my army. But it is not too late for you to join my ranks.




Come now, Michael. How is it you can be complacent with God's plan? A man, Michael. A man is to be your king! What think you of that?!


If that is God's plan then that is God's plan. I shall be content in helping him carry it out.


Ah, then you are not the wise Michael I thought you to be. Prepare to meet your demise, foolish Angel!

And with those words, SATAN opens his fist and yells...

Satan (cONT'D)



And there is war.


The ANGELS engage in some of the most powerful sword fights ever imagined. Such strength. Such force. Such beauty. Yet so much destruction.


SATAN displays breath-taking sword-fighting skills.




He chops off an ANGEL'S wing.




He chops off an ANGEL'S leg.




He chops off an ANGEL'S head.

There is blood and horror and destruction everywhere. The energy of this war is unprecedented. No two opposing forces have ever fought with such passion.

Fighting is everywhere.






Ext. Heaven - battlefield. later

The bodies of mutilated ANGELS are everywhere. Gettysburg and Lexington are mere street fights compared to this battle of angels.


SATAN keeps fighting with tremendous force and passion.


Most of the ANGELS are dead by this point. Only a few soldiers from the respective armies remain.


SATAN stabs an ANGEL in the heart. The ANGEL shrieks in pain.



SATAN turns and prepares to do the same to another ANGEL.

But he turns, only to see...MICHAEL, staring him down.

SATAN returns the stare.


Look around you, Satan! Look at what you've done! Look at the destruction you've created!

SATAN refuses to look anywhere except into MICHAEL'S eyes.

Michael (CONT'D)

And for what? Because you longed to sit at God's right hand?! Ha! It is true what they say about jealousy! It is, indeed, a green-eyed monster!!!


Prepare to die, Michael!


For I but wait your move!

A touch of fear makes SATAN hesitate for a moment, but then...



He charges MICHAEL.


And the two angels engage in, perhaps, the most astonishing sword fight ever. Cling! Clang! Cling! Their swordsmanship is surely a sight to see!

But, soon...THRASH! SATAN tears MICHAEL'S wing to shreds. And the pain makes MICHAEL drop his sword.

SATAN raises his sword high into the air.

MICHAEL drops to his knees and begs for mercy.

SATAN'S sword shakes from the force of his amazing adrenaline.

MICHAEL shivers and weeps.

SATAN'S eyes lose their rage. Compassion overcomes him.

But Beelzebub - standing nearby - eggs him on.


Finish him, Satan!

SATAN'S eyes roll over to BEELZEBUB.

BEELZEBUB eagerly awaits the vicious fatality.

SATAN'S eyes roll back down to the cowering MICHAEL.



Please, Satan.

SATAN shakes the compassion out of his heart.

Rage consumes him!


He finishes MICHAEL off.

SATAN stares at the dead MICHAEL, almost in shock. He can't believe what he has just done.

But, suddenly, there is a strange noise. A howling wind with the ominous whistle of a tornado.

And then an explosion.


SATAN looks a few hundred yards down the field:

There is smoke and flame.

And then another howl of wind...

...followed by another KA-BOOM!!!

A ball of fire floats into the heavens.

Another howl!

Another KA-BOOM!

The noises get closer and closer.

And now they're immediately followed by the terrible sound of ANGELS screaming.





Rebel angels


All the REBEL ANGELS in the vicinity are confused and terrified by the noises.

SATAN tries to stay calm.

A group of REBEL ANGELS hears the haunting howl all around them. They shiver in fear.

They look to their right and the sound moves to their left.

They look to the left and the sound moves to the right.

Soon, they catch a glimpse of some mysterious energy, moving all around them.

Finally the energy stops...and materializes into a physical matter.

It's GOD! But He looks different. He's no longer bright and jolly. He's dark and furious.

The ANGELS cower beneath Him.

He raises His hands into the air. They turn red. They become flames.

He hurls the flames at the ANGELS.


The REBEL ANGELS scream.

Their wings are on fire.

They fall through the clouds...


Rebel Angels


Another group of REBEL ANGELS stand only yards away from the explosion. They are amazed by GOD'S wrath but also absolutely terrified.

They run for it.

But don't get very far.

The energy of GOD encircles them.

The wind howls. Moans. Groans.

Soon, the energy stops right in front of them and materializes into GOD.


The ANGELS' wings combust into flames.

They fall through the cloud.


SATAN is now the last of the REBEL ANGELS on the battlefield.

He is in awe of the magnificent magic he sees displayed before him.

Soon, the energy of GOD surrounds him, howling with fury.

SATAN raises his sword into the air and gets into a fighting stance.

The howls circle him.

SATAN rotates with the sound of the howls, keeping his sword in fighting position.

Soon, the howling stops.

But GOD is nowhere to be seen.

SATAN looks all around him.

But there is no GOD anywhere.

Then, suddenly, he hears the sizzling of flames coming from behind him.

He whips himself around.

And there's GOD with His hands already in flames!!!

He hurls the flames towards SATAN.

SATAN dives out of the way.


SATAN rolls to safety.

GOD throws more flames.

SATAN dives and dodges them again.

Another flame.

SATAN swings his sword and knocks the flames away.





GOD and SATAN have an amazing battle. In a sense, it's one of the most beautiful battles ever fought. In another sense, it's one of the scariest.

In the end, GOD hurls a flame that is much too powerful for SATAN to fend off. It doesn't burn him, but it knocks him to the ground.

Umph! SATAN lands face-down in the cloud.

He rolls onto his side and looks up to GOD.

GOD looks down to him.

SATAN looks up to Him.

GOD'S arms sizzle with flames.

GOD grows in size and becomes an even bigger force of wrath.

SATAN can't believe his eyes. Never did he imagine that GOD was capable of such magic.

GOD'S arms grow and grow and grow - He is now three-times bigger. The arms reach high into the heavens and swirl the energy around them.

The energy turns warm, and then it turns hot...

His arms burst into flames. He waves His burning arms around in circles.

They sizzle and howl and roar...

SATAN pleads for mercy.


Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned!!!

And with those words, GOD'S arms come to rest and the flames extinguish themselves.

He shrinks back to His normal size.

He gives SATAN a look of disappointment.

SATAN can't bear to see the look.

Then GOD turns around...and walks away.

SATAN watches him go. But his eyes drift over to where his sword is.

He eyeballs GOD.

And then the sword.

He rolls over to the sword.

Grabs it!

Jumps to his feet!

Spins around like a track and fielder swinging the hammer!

And hurls the sword at GOD with the most amazing strength, three times more forceful than any Olympian on earth.

The sword pierces the air on its way to GOD.

GOD immediately senses the danger and - within milliseconds - grows back into His mighty force.

He whips His body around, swats the sword away from Him like a measly fly, conjures amazing amounts of flames and...

Whhhhhoooooooooosssssssshhhhhhh!!! Hurls the flames right at SATAN.

This time, SATAN can't dodge the flames. They scorch him.

He screams.



His wings burn.

He looks up to GOD.

GOD watches him burn for a moment, but can't bear to watch any longer.

He turns away.

SATAN falls through the cloud.

The great dragon was hurled down - that ancient serpent called the devil, or Satan, who leads the world astray. He was hurled to the earth, and his angels with him.

- Revelation 12:9